Pasta Frola with a twist

As stated before, rainy days usually inspire me. So I got thinking about a simple but very tasty traditional dessert from my lovely country, Uruguay. Its called Pasta Frola and it is a simple sweet pastry tart filled with Quince Jam “Dulce de Membrillo” , (similar to Guava). Whilst living here in Florida I came across some Cuban treats called Pastelitos, some have Guava and  cream cheese in them, which made me wonder, what would happen if I added some cream cheese at the bottom of my Pasta Frola?

Pasta Frola

The result was just wonderful, the cream cheese complements the sweetness of the Quince Jam perfectly so this one is for the books! I guess the name of Pasta Frola with a Twist is quite adept unless someone wants to suggest something else!

For the next one I think I will swirl the cream cheese through-out the quince jam for a nice marbled effect.

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