Braised Lamb……Mashed Rutabaga……It’s Family Time!

Dinner time at the Lundini’s can be very exciting. Tonight turned out to be a special  kind of night, its not everyday that we all mange to sit down and eat around the table at the same time!


Today I prepared some Lamb Shanks braised for 3 hrs in port wine, mint, rosemary and garlic, with a side of Mashed Rutabaga (Swede), Parsnip Fries and of course we can’t forget the Mushy Peas. Of course these kind of dinners can only happen when you take a few days off, otherwise we would be eating at 11pm!

One of my hubby’s favorite dinners is a Norwegian dish called Pinnekjøtt which is lamb ribs and its usually eaten during Christmas time with Rutabaga (Swede), Potatoes, Beer and Aquavit! So it was kind of a special dinner to have as a family as it reminded us all of that special time of the year!

I quickly seared the shanks prior to them going into their bath of yumminess!


Then took them out and added the port wine, herbs and garlic and let it reduce a bit, prior to putting the shanks back in, topped it with water to cover them and let them bubble away for 3 hours!



Once time was up, I removed the shanks and let them rest, removed the garlic and reduced the juice for a final lovely rich gravy to go with the Rutabaga Mash!

Whilst the lamb was cooking I made the Rutabaga Mash, made the Parsnip fries and warmed up the Mushy Peas.

Dinner is served, or should I say dinner is gone, hours of dedicated cooking and its all gone in a flash! Pleased to say that the family approved and enjoying it inmensly!

That is the biggest satisfaction, making everyone happy with my food!



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