Chili con Carne meets Baked Potato

What do you get when you cross some Chili con Carne with a Baked Potato, or a Baked Potato with bacon, or what about I throw rice into the equation?

A great Sunday Dinner, that’s what you get! lol

When you have a family that wants all different things for dinner, you can still please them all without going out of your way…..yes its that simple….



Chili con Carne was requested by my son, but I know my hubby is not a big Chili con Carne. So with that said, Chili con Carne was made, made some rice, one baked potato and one sweet baked potato and this way made both my men and myself happy!

My son had Chili con Carne on rice


my hubby had a Baked Potato topped with cheese, sour cream and bacon.


And I had a Sweet Baked Potato topped with a bit of Chili and a dollop of sour cream and some fresh cilantro……


Happy Family, perfect ending to a perfect weekend!

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