There’s no place like home…….cooked meals!

Of course there is nothing better than a home cooked meal, or is there!

Well today there for sure is! I got lucky this week at my neighborhood Publix, when walking down the poultry/meat area. I spotted some Sweetbreads (mojellas para los Yoruguas) which means its Uruguayan style BBQ for me!


Sweetbreads are one of my all time favorites! I was brought up on them, they are not that easy to come by, not sure what they actually do with them here in South Florida as nobody else I know eats them! lol


So out came the BBQ, cleaned my sweetbreads up, seasoned with salt and pepper and a bit of lemon juice and off to the barbie they went!


Not sure how to describe them, but all I can say is that they make me very happy! Even happier is the fact that I am the only one that eats it at home, so more for me :-).

As we would say at home “Buen Provecho”!

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