At The Pumpkin Patch

Well most of you following my blog know what Rice Krispie treats are, if you are a foreigner like me you can go through my blogs and find the one that explains how to make them.

The only difference with these is the addition of orange food coloring to the butter and marshmallow mixture.


Anyway, back to my Pumpkin Patch, here we have some cute Rice Krispie treats which I shaped into some sort of form that I thought might resemble a Pumpkin, sorry not a very good artist! Then I,

  • drizzled some sugar glaze (powdered sugar, milk and orange food coloring),
  • dotted some facial expressions with melted chocolate,
  • sprinkled some green edible glitter and
  • used Kit Kat chocolate pieces for the stalk (tootsie rolls are good too)

Big hit with little kids and adults!


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