Cozy Saturday Dinner – Pasta Primavera con Salsa Rosa

Its a lovely chilly night in South Florida, which calls for a nice cozy meal. Windows are open , house smells nice and fresh and Pumpkin scented candles are burning.

Had nothing planned for dinner, so I dove into the refrigerator to hunt for hidden treasures that might need to be discovered.

Out I came with 2 courgettes, lots of garlic and some sad looking tomatoes.

I immediately thought of pasta tossed in some sautéed courgettes with garlic and tomatoes and maybe a light Alfredo sauce, so that’s what I aimed for.


I saved some of the tomatoes and after sautéing them with some onions and garlic, they got pureed and added them to a light Alfredo sauce turning it into a lovely Cheesy Rosa Sauce.


Tossed some No yolk noodles with the veggies and then added some Rosa sauce and topped them off with some grated cheese and freshly chopped basil that I picked from the yard.


To wrap up our Saturday dinner, I had some lovely strawberries that had been macerating with some sugar and lemon in the fridge, all they needed was a squirt of fat free whipping cream!


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