Decorating your dinner table ……….

For once I already knew what was on the menu for dinner as a request was placed by a certain person……so stopped to pick up some lovely New York Strip Steaks at the Delaware Chicken Farm & Seafood Market (smart remark from my child, Ma, why would you go to a chicken and seafood place for steak?)! lol


Anyway on the menu we have those lovely steaks Medium Rare with a dollop of Cowboy butter with a twist, some mashed potatoes and Caesar salad with a twist.


The cowboy butter usually consists of some whipped butter, mixed with salt and pepper, red pepper flakes, parsley, lemon rind and chopped garlic. You mix it all together, then place it on some cling film wrap and wrap it up like a sausage.


Instead of the above ingredients I used, butter of course, salt and pepper, lots of garlic, cilantro, fresh minced jalapeños and lime rind.


Place in freezer till hard (if you do it last minute like I am doing right now) otherwise place in fridge till it hardens.


When the steaks are right off the grill, slice a slither of the butter and let it nicely melt on your steak, oh so yummy! You can also throw a chunk into your mashed potatoes, spread on bread, use in baked potatoes, etc……lots of uses for this lovely concoction!


For the salad I made a simple Caesar salad but instead of using Romaine lettuce, I mixed half Romaine and half Arugula for a slight extra peppery taste. Added salad dressing out of a bottle and croutons out of a bag, so quick and easy!


But I find that the best part of the evening is decorating the dinner table! It kind of makes each meal that little bit more special even though its just dinner with the family again! You all know that a lit candle goes a long way……..and some wine of course – very light and easy drinking Cab! Yes very cheap but guess what, perfect for a Wednesday dinner with the family – Santa Rita 120 Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile.

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