Fab Find……..Holiday Centerpiece

Was doing my usual thing walking through my local grocery store “Publix“, when out of the corner of my eye I saw this very attractive special looking log or tree trunk or whatever you want to call it.

Of course I spotted it again just as I was leaving the store and really couldn’t find a reason to go back in to investigate!

So on my next visit I purposely hunted it down, of course they had moved it from its original spot so I have to confess I had a tad of a panic, kick myself moment of why didn’t I get it yesterday……but panic passed as I found them tucked in a corner.

They are intended to be used for an open fire or mini bonfire, outside on a nice crispy cold day. Well I am in South Florida so unless we get a cold front on the exact moment I want to use it, that ain’t happening!

So instead I decided it would make the most wonderful centerpiece, what do you think?

Will post un updated picture when I have staged my thanksgiving dinner table but for now this will have to do.

Happy Thanksgiving season to everyone who is celebrating next week :-)!IMG_0863

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