PumPecApple Pie Cake – The Baking Challenge – The Finale!

The baking challenge has finally come to an end, I have now made all of the below, and its time to put this little baby together.

  • Chocolate cake baked with Pecan Pie inside


  • Spice cake baked with a Apple Pie inside (see video on previous blog)


  • Carrot cake baked with a Pumpkin Pie inside


Once all the cake/pies were made I stacked them with cream cheese frosting in between, covered it all over with the same frosting, added the chopped pecans on the side and drizzled it with salted caramel sauce!

So the only deviations from the original recipe featured in food network was that I made a carrot cake for the pumpkin pie instead of pumpkin cake and I used salted caramel sauce instead of plain caramel sauce……

Tomorrow evening I am having people over for dinner, so we will slice into it and see what the verdict is? Hope it holds 🙂


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