Thanksgiving Roasted Sweet Potato Delight

Prepping our early thanksgiving dinner Part I and decided to do something different with the sweet potatoes.


So instead of mashing them and adding the cinnamon, cloves, brown sugar, etc…… I decided to slice them and roast them.

I used a handy mandolin to slice them evenly, then after coating my baking dish with olive oil, I positioned them overlapping all the way around.

Then I sliced some shallots and chopped some garlic and kind of added them in between every other slice.


Added some chopped cilantro, salt and pepper and a little bit of brown sugar.

To finish off before going in the oven I drizzled olive oil and melted butter.


They are going in a 375 Deg F oven for about 50 minutes covered in foil and then pumping up the heat to 450 Deg F uncovered to crisp them up on top and give them some extra color.

Not totally sure yet but might be adding some Marshmallows last minute for that extra touch of sweetness but will decide that in an hour or so 🙂

Can’t wait to dig in with the family in a couple of hours!

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