Puerto Rico in the House tonight!

In our home as you might have noticed by now, we love eating and tasting food from all over the world! Usually I am the one cooking this food, but tonight I have a special treat!

1st Sargeant Miguel Rodriguez from the Army JROTC program at South Plantation High School sent me a lovely gift!

He shared a package full of Pasteles , a Puerto Rican treat made by his wife. If you want to learn more about these wonderful treats click on the word Pasteles!

Never having handled these little treasures I embarked on the process of getting them ready to eat.


Its actually quite a simple process but its funny when the first time you do something always makes you worry about messing things up! All it took was to boil some water…..lol 🙂

Anyway, back on track, into the boiling water they went and wasn’t very sure how long I should keep them in there for, so I just got lucky that they were piping hot when I decided to remove them from the water.


Then I gently unwrapped the parcels and opened up the leaf and oh so simple but so very yummy, not sure how to describe them to someone who has never had them but I will try!


The soft moist masa, initially came across as bland but is actually very delicate in flavor, and then when you get some of the beef filling it suddenly all comes together!  I was a bit hesitant on my first bite but after that it took all of 2 nano seconds to devour it!


Bueno provecho! Now its your turn to taste them and next time I will embark on actually making them myself with my usual Andy twist! Now off to pour myself some Coquito to keep with the Theme!

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