Hidden gem in Cave Creek, Arizona

Had a fabulous experience whilst visiting a little town called Cave Creek, Arizona. My hubby and I are the kind of travelers that like chatting lots with the locals and finding out the best places to go and what to do.

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We met this lovely lady and her daughter at this candle store called “Cave Creek Candles” in Frontier Town. Their store is just fabulous and the smell of their candles is to die for. Anyway, whilst chatting with them we asked them what the best place would be to have dinner that night and they recommended this place called “Cartwright’s Sonoran Ranch House


Off we went on the hunt for it and from the outside it just looked like every other store in the area, but when we walked in, it was like walking into another world!


The atmosphere in its own was priceless and the fireplace in the middle of the restaurant gives it the greatest cozy touch, but now I need to tell you about their food!


Once again, we chatted up the waitress and asked her to recommend their local specialities. I was immediately hooked on the Buffalo Short Ribs served with a hash of sweet potatoes and corn with a side of sweet potato Ravioli! Talk about fall off the bone tasty meat!


My friend Maureen had a simple but divine platter of Pierogies, Stuffed with potato & farmer’s cheese, served with Polish kielbasa, caramelized onions, house-made kraut and brown butter  which was delicious and as you can see they decorate their plate with the initial of the restaurant for a very classy touch.


My hubby had a 8-oz filet on a braised leek & Gorgonzola fondue with bacon & hash browned potatoes, sauteed broccolini with garlic and shallots, a meal fit for a king!


Service was great and all the staff were super friendly, made us feel at home the entire time we were there!

So with this said, this is a total keeper, one that we will come back to for sure and recommend to all our friends!

By the way, the next day we went back to the Candle Store to tell the lady that her recommendation was spot on! She thanked us for letting her know as she rarely hears back from any customers she recommends! Love meeting nice down to earth people on our travels!

So next time you go to Arizona, make the time to take a road trip up to Cave Creek and visit this little gem of a restaurant and town!

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