Cruising to Litchfield Park, Arizona……

You might wonder why I am talking about Litchfield Park, Arizona when there are so many places in such a big state where you could go and visit!

I will tell you why. First of all you need to start your journey from Phoenix by hopping onto that I10 interstate going West and then hop onto the 101 North Loop! Get off on Indian School Road and there, just a few miles down the road, you will find Litchfield Park!

Funnily enough, the place I would like to take you to on this particular occasion is  “Litchfield’s” located in the lovely Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park.

Before I go into the food area, let me quickly take you on a little tour of this wonderful resort. The individual adobe style “Casitas” are scattered around overlooking the rose gardens, the pool or the golf course, all surrounded by  fragrant citrus trees! A very unique setting so you can enjoy the unobstructed view of the resort (no high buildings).

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 8.35.29 PM

The actual main building is so quaint and welcoming that as soon as you walk into it, the style, cozy feeling and 80 yrs of history draws you straight in.
Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 8.30.04 PM

Sorry got a bit side tracked as what I really wanted to showcase was the food, but what can I say, when a place is special, it does need a special mention right?

So back on track, “Litchfield’s” not only has a wonderful wine list, but a fabulous menu to go with that wine! Ok yes I did indulge on some tasty wine – “Conundrum Red Blend to be exact which paired very well with my entire meal.

Click here if you want to check out the menu, but I need to showcase one dish in particular that I fell head over heels with.

“HUDSON VALLEY FOIE GRAS”                                                                     served on a cast iron french toast, pumpkin jam and candied lime


All I have to say, and I quote my best friends words “I could just eat this all night and be a very happy girl”! The french toast is to die for, and the foie gras with its unique delicate flavor……need I say more? It was so delicious that I would go back to “Litchfield’s” just to have it again and again.

The rest of the menu was very good, from the Arizona Buffalo Strip steak that I had as a main course, the Colorado Lamb rack ordered by my friend and the wonderful finale with the Chocolate Lava Donuts with ice cream, my mind still keeps on going back to the dreamy Foie Gras!


Anyway, enough drooling for now, it was a fabulous meal, to be repeated in the very near future! Thank you Wigwam and staff for your wonderful hospitality and service!

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