Heaven, I’m in Heaven…….

This is a posting to brag about how happy I am with my new found ingredients that my hubby and I purchased during our visit to Arizona. Excitement is so great, that I am walking around the house thinking I am Fred Astaire as I sing along to his wonderful “Cheek to Cheek” song where he clearly states that “I’m in Heaven”!

We recently got back from a wonderful trip where we visited as many hidden off the beaten path little towns as we could in the limited time we had.

Out of tradition, we had to visit Sedona. Yes its a bit too touristified, but forget the shops and tourists and get lost in the wonderful mountains and views surrounding this gorgeous city!



After once again taking in the sights we turned our attention to a few of the little speciality stores such as the lovely Chocolate Factory and the highlight of our trip, The Sedona Olive Oil Company!


Today’s excitement is caused by the fact that the box with heavy stuff that we shipped home from Arizona just arrived with all my goodies and of course my new Sedona Olive Oil Company Balsamic Vinegars and Olive Oil.

There were too many flavours to choose from and after tasting way too many I settled on the following:

  • Pear Balsamic Vinegar
  • White Cucumber Melon Balsamic Vinegar
  • Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar (apparently fantastic drizzled on some vanilla ice cream and of course chosen by the husband!)
  • Meyer Lemon Olive Oil


So my dear followers, with my excitement, I am off to concoct some dishes where I can make these new ingredients shine as I keep on humming my tune!

PS: Looking forward to getting my sausage stuffer contraption for my kitchen aid from Amazon!

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