Saturday Night at the Movies……….

Saturday night at the movies, who cares what picture you see! Well,even if the picture/movie is fantastic, the atmosphere can suck!

My husband and I love watching movies, but always have an issue when we go to a movie theater. Not sure if its just us, our lack of tolerance for rude people, or whatever, but I can’t believe we are the only ones out there that every time we go we end up having the smart bright couple behind us that decided that they should bring their newborn or 2 yrs old to 10pm showtime or the idiot next to us who does not turn his phone off or spends all the time on the phone!

To date the only movie theatre that we dared go to was the one up on I95 near Boca, quite a trekking but they had an adults only upstairs area which means, no crying babies and no teens on their phones!

Yesterday we went to a new one recommended by a coworker and I think we have finally found “the” movie theatre of our choice!

This wonderful place is the AMC Coral Ridge Dine-In Movie Theatre located on Oakland Park and US1! They have this wonderful section called the Cinema Suite for guest 21 and over that is fantastic!


What a great experience, we sat down in our lovely reclining seats, with the  pull out tables with menus and proper cutlery, pressed the “red” button for service and over  came a waitress to take our drinks and food order!

It all got delivered in a timely manner and the cost was not that much more than going to a regular movie theatre and buying the candies, popcorn and soda!

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my date night with my hubby watching a movie in great comfort and sipping on my glass of Merlot!


So, if there is anyone out there in South Florida who avoids the movies for the same reasons as we do, here is a place you should try!

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