She blinded me with Science……well more like Technology…..

Christmas come and gone, now its time to play with some of those Christmas Presents.

With a little bit of help from my son Jean-Luc, we put together my newest cooking gadget addition! A Countertop Rotisserie! I have to confess that when we took it apart it felt like a school science project :-).


With this new gadget in mind I had purchased a whole chicken, so we first proceeded to ensure it was well seasoned and Jean-Luc did a fantastic job tying the wings and legs. Once that was done we put it aside and  tackled the install of the  “New Rotisserie”.

Setup was a breeze and once we were all set, we put the chicken on the spit, put it into the Rotisserie and away it went on its Roasting Adventure!


Believe it or not I spent the entire time watching it go round and round, you would have thought I was hypnotized but what can I say, had to make sure it was doing ok right? lol, thought I would entertain you with a video for your watching pleasure.

The smell in the house is fantastic, can’t wait to get my teeth into it. Watching the skin turn crispy with a gorgeous golden color was making us drool!


Chicken came out, crispy on the outside, unbelievably juicy and soooo tasty! I know I know, I never get excited about plain ole roasted chicken, but this Rotisserie is the bomb! Gets a seal of Approval and thank you Ma Ellie and Pa Karl for our wonderful Xmas gift!


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