The Chicken is back to haunt me – Well kind of……….

For those of you who know me, unless food is rotting, I do not, I repeat, do not throw any food away that can be rescued!

Last night we had for dinner these super tasty buffalo chicken ravioli that I made out of left over roasted chicken (check out yesterday’s blog). I purposely did not take the leftover ravioli to work so that my son could have them when he got home from school! Oh yes, a mum’s sacrifices for her children!

Of course, I got back from work to find the Ravioli untouched, so once again, before they go to waste I decided to give them a quick twist and make them into my dinner snack!


I placed the ravioli in a 400 F deg oven for about 20 minutes after spraying them with olive oil to get them nice and crispy.

In the meantime I poured a well deserved glass of Plum Wine after a hard day at work!


I quickly zapped the leftover blue cheese light sauce and poured it into a dipping ramekin and then placed the crispy ravioli around my ramekin after adding some chopped cilantro!


Don’t you think this is the perfect dinner snack, paired with my yummy glass of plum wine?

Cheers and Happy Monday to you all!

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