Its a Rooster Affair …….

You have all heard about people who collect stuff right? We have stamp collectors, cork collectors, wine collectors, book collectors, etc……

But have you ever heard of anyone that is soooo passionate about “Roosters”?


Well I have the pleasure of having a great friends who just loves loves loves “Roosters” and everywhere you go in her house, her kitchen, her living room, here yard, there is a Rooster to be seen!


Of course that fact that she calls her place Loon Creek Cove and the Looney Bin,  blends in nicely with her collector habits don’t you think :-)! lol


She has travelled all over the world and has surrounded herself with the most marvelous pieces of history, souvenirs from every nook and cranny and of course, her “Roosters”!


So going forward, I will be on the hunt for Rooster type of decor to help her add to her brood!

PS: Had to edit my blog as I left out a very important Rooster Picture! See below 🙂


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