I love to see your sweet sweet smile when you eat……

Have you ever made a meal for someone that is feeling kind of down and watched their face light up when you serve it to them?

Well I have, just this past week and it is totally priceless! All it took was 30 minutes of my time from beginning to end ❤

I knew this person was popping by around dinner time and knowing what one of her favorite foods is, I jumped into action……Ikura Sushi is on the menu.


Out came the Sushi Rice, cooked it and seasoned it with Rice Wine Vinegar.


Got my seaweed sheets (always keep a good supply of them in my pantry) and made my rice rolls.


Topped my rice rolls with some deliciously salty and tasty salmon roe.


So as you can see, little effort and huge results! Nothing nicer that seeing someone close to you smile 🙂



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