Superbowl Leftovers……..

Yes we are back on the leftover theme, obviously my favorite……:-)

Yesterday was a big American Football day here in the USA, Superbowl took place with the Seahawks (Seattle) playing against the Patriots (New England).


GO PATRIOTS! (that was actually my hubby’s shout out not mine)!

I have tried and tried for now nearly 18 yrs to like this game but have not succeeded, so instead I busy myself in the kitchen, making treats for the game watchers!


Last night we had some simple but very tasty burgers full of flavor and yumminess cooked just right (not too well not too raw and still very juicey). Piled on the tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, mustard and catsup and topped the off with some crispy maple bacon and made a nice mess eating them :-).


As a sweet treat I made some Cranberry, Orange White Chocolate biscotti which went perfectly with that after dinner cup of coffee……


Anyway, today I found myself with some leftover burger patties all seasoned and ready to go, but not in the mood for a burger per say, you know its Monday, diet is back on, don’t want the bread and so it goes.


Decided on a Lettuce wrap……..out came the Butter Lettuce, Tomatoes, then placed the burger in the middle and topped it off with some sliced avocado and hearts of palms. Added a teaspoon of salsa golf (mayo mixed with catsup) and a drizzle of Pear Cinnamon Balsamic Vinegar from the Mount Dora Olive Oil Company. <3

Stealing Rachel Ray’s words “Yummo”! That just hit the spot, Monday is nearly over and now there are only 4 days left before the weekend swings back to visit us again.

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