Lazy Sunday calls for Indian take-out…..

Since I left London in 1997 I’ve been missing out on that perfect curry!

Then again, I did get lucky that at least in my area in Florida, USA, we do have quite a few Indian Restaurants around.


Of course nothing comes close to what I was used to eating but the closest we’ve gotten to that is at our local Royal India!

In my books, this is as close as it gets, even though some people seem to not agree with me :-).

Today whilst getting our takeout I got a belated Valentine’s Rose as a gift
, so sweet of them….


Anyway, we once again had another wonderful dinner, everything was delicious and there are enough leftovers for lunch and dinner tomorrow!

  • Started with some spicy and crunchy Papadums with some Onion, Mint and Tamarind Chutney.


Followed by:

  • Chicken Korma for Luca
  • Butter Chicken for my honey
  • Lamb Korma for myself

And of course we had to have some Kashmiri Nan to wrap it all up!

Wish I would have had some sweet Mango Lassi but that would have been a bit too much, might have to make some during the week to get rid of the craving…..


So with a house full of Indian Spices we await todays episode of “The Walking Dead”!


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