A Taste of Home……

I come from a small country called Uruguay. Mostly people know about it because of our superb soccer players, sometime for our beaches, beef, leather and wool and if you’ve been there you will never forget our special BBQ’s!

One thing we are not really known for is our desserts but let me tell you this, for a small little country our bakery’s do know how to shine.

32 years ago, a Cake Shop by the name of “Cakes” opened it’s doors and started making the most delicious cakes.

As a tradition, every time I got back home, its a MUST to get at least a piece of cake from this fabulous shop. I am hooked on one called “Ramon Novarro”.

So, seeing that I don’t make it down there too often, a friend of mine inspired me to make this cake so that I can feel like I am kind of there …..and of course it comes in handy for February birthdays <3


This famous delectable cake is made out of 6 layers of light and buttery sponge cake filled with alternate layers of a chocolate/Dulce de Leche mix and Dulce de Leche.

DSC00986 DSC00987 DSC00988

Topped with the chocolate/dulce de leche mix and then decorated with some whipped cream with a slight touch of cocoa. The original recipe is decorated with some walnuts but I like leaving them out of the equation 🙂


So here is my rendition to our sweet treat “Ramon Novarro”


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