Filet Mignon En Croute…….Oh la la mon amour…

There is something very special about a rainy Saturday night, having the love of your life at home, and cooking a tasty romantic dinner…….<3

Last Saturday I made Salmon en Croute and the hubby liked it so much that he asked if we could have it again tonight.

I am a believer that if you have something you like too often you will suddenly stop appreciating it, so to keep with the en croute theme, tonight I swapped the salmon out for filet mignon!

So first of all I got my dough ready and left it to relax in the fridge…….


Then I sautéed some garlic, baby portabella mushrooms and onions and made a lovely tasty mushroom pate to spread on my beef.


Once I was done with my prep work, I turned the oven to 425 Deg F and cooked the steaks for 10 minutes and then put them in the fridge to make sure they are totally cooled down by the time I needed to wrap them up.


I rolled my pastry out to a rectangle shape, placed the prosciutto at the bottom, topped the prosciutto with the mushroom paste and finally placed my cooled down steak in the middle.



Wrapped them all up pretty and tied them in a bow 🙂


Into a 425 Deg F oven again for aprox 15 to 20 mins (looking for medium rare) and whilst they were cooking I prepared some light Couscous to go on the side…… and a creamy Dijon sauce to go with it all…..


Dinner has been served!


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