Chicken 2 ways…….Indian and Thai style……..

Kids off to a Lacrosse game, hubby busy working and the cat already fed not interested in paying attention to me, which means, off to the kitchen I go……

Lonely and screaming for attention, apart from the fact that the expiry date was creeping up on me, was a packet of  Publix Chicken breasts.

So after a few minutes of pondering, I started off by filleting 2 of the chicken breasts into 6 pieces.


Found a packet of instant Tikka Masala Simmer sauce that I had bought once upon a time at the Fresh Market and decided to dunk the chicken in the sauce and then bread them and fry them milanesa style with an Indian twist…….


So as soon as I was done with the messy part of dunking and breading, I set them aside and tackled the left over chicken breast with work lunch in mind.


I sliced the chicken breast into kind of thickish slices together with some sweet red onions and some leftover baby portabella mushrooms. Then added 2 tablespoons of Tom Yum Paste and sautéed it all together. Then I added 2 Kaffir Lime Leaves half a can of Coconut Milk and let it simmer on low.


And finally I made some rice seasoned with cloves and there we go, 2 meals out of one pack of chicken, can it get any easier?


Happy Monday is over, only 4 more days till the weekend :-)!

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