The Mysterious Cookie Butter……..

A few months ago I discovered this wonderful stuff called Cookie Butter or Speculoos Cookie Butter!


To date I have only found 2 kinds, the one made by Trader Joe’s which you can obviously only get at Trader Joe’s stores or the one called Biscoff which can be found in Publix, Target, Walmart, etc….


I have found out you can eat it with a spoon ( a very dangerous calorie indulging sport!), have it with bananas, use it in cupcake icings, spread it on bread or crackers and use in cupcake and cake fillings.


But you know me, always after that very special bite with that very special ingredient.

Once again, thanks to my bad influential friend in Mount Dora, Ms. Ann Kaar, I have now been introduced to a recipe for Butterscotch Cookie Butter Fudge!

So here it is, quick simple and easy.


Mix 12 oz of butterscotch chips with 1/2 cup of cookie butter and 1 can of condensed milk.

Cook on low heat unit its all nicely melted.


Add 1 tsp vanilla and refrigerate!

I am already thinking of a few changes I would make to it but the hubby gave it the seal of approval ❤


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