Hook Line and Sinker…….

Isn’t it funny when the most unpredictable results come from an innocent comment?

This morning the “hubby” announced that he was going Deep sea fishing with some vendors and coworkers.

Later on he posted a lovely picture in the midst of the ocean and I made the following comment “Bring home some dinner”, not expecting an outcome of course!

The beep beep goes off signaling that somebody is coming into the house and there is the “hubby”, bag full of smelly fish in hand!

Imagine my excitement when he announces that he brought home some Black Fin Tuna

Out came my Deba-Bocho Japanese knife (I know I know not the right knife for this but what can I say, love that knife!) and Tuna Tataki is suddenly on the menu for tonight.


Once I got the skin and bones out, I sliced it as thin as possible and then served it with my own special sauce (mixture of Ponzu sauce, a drizzle of Seasoned Sushi vinegar, and a drizzle of sesame oil).


For this occasion I had to open a bottle of yummy  Plum Sake of course and here we are, the most delicious dinner in a flash, this was a definite Hook, Line and Sinker 🙂



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