Friday Fun Finger Food

TGIF is all I can say, but even though the week is over, we still have to come back home from work and take care of our lovely family.

With no dinner menu in mind, I did what I do best, which is to dive into the fridge and see what useful items I can find.


And today’s winners are:

I decided to give the chicken tenderloins a bath in the following ingredients to make them nice and flavourful!



Then I coated each tenderloin with garlic flavored breadcrumbs and into a 385 Deg F oven they went for aprox 15-20 mins.Once they were nice and golden I took them out and wrapped each one of them in crescent roll pastry and back into the over they went at 350 Deg F for 15 minutes.


Whilst all this was happening I found 2 leftover half bags of frozen Checkers fries, so into the oven they went.


Hubby and teenage son <3 thoroughly enjoyed it, and now getting ready to spend the rest of the evening with a good book!



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