Game Night and Chivitos al Pan

Chatting to my sister tonight via Facetime, she makes a comment that her hubby is making Chivitos al Pan for dinner tonight! Now I was drooling…….

If you have never been to Uruguay or Argentina, you might never have heard of this staple wonderful ,superb, tasty, full of yumminess, sandwich! Think I am joking or exaggerating? Check this out!

Kids were playing Monopoly so I decided to make them this magnificent Uruguayan treat for dinner vs their idea of hitting the food trucks!


So here is what I used, I probably added extra stuff and forgot some other stuff as I left home (Uruguay) back in 1991 but I think I did pretty good considering 🙂


Today I used:

  • Minute steaks – have to be nice and tender
  • Buttered buns lightly toasted in the grill
  • Salsa Golf (Mayo mixed with ketchup)
  • Sliced jalapeños
  • Fried Egg ( I think you are supposed to use sliced hard boiled eggs)
  • Ham
  • Bacon
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Cheese
  • Green Olives for garnish

Buttered and toasted my buns and put them to the side. In the meantime I had my steak cooking on the grill outside……


I stared cooking the eggs, flipped them and placed the bacon, ham and cheese on them and let the cheese melt.


Mixed my mayo and ketchup to make the golf sauce and placed a large dollop on each side of the bun. Placed the lettuce and tomatoes at the bottom, followed by the steak.


On top of the steak went the eggs, ham, bacon and cheese, then topped them off with sliced jalapeños, placed the other bun, cut it in half and topped it off with a green olive held by a toothpick and voila, Chivito al Pan is ready <3


Whilst I was cooking the kids were playing monopoly, the living room was filled with screams and laughter, but as soon as I served them their Chivitos al Pan, total silence took over for a full 10 minutes 🙂

Noise is now back and they are back to their Monopoly game…..


I love cooking for my family, puts a smile on my face every time <3

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