Dinner with my girl……Panzada de Mejillones

My daughter and I are the only ones at home that will eat Mussels, so once every couple of months I buy a big 5lb bag of Mussels and cook them just for us two!


They are so simple and easy to make and they taste oh so good 🙂

Got my big pot out and sautéed a big bunch of onions and garlic till they were slightly caramelized.


After giving my mussels a quick rinse I tossed them in followed by a healthy splash of white wine and a generous handful of chopped cilantro.


I let them steam away until they opened up and guess what? Dinner for us two girls was ready in a flash.


So whilst the men ate some kind of non gourmet meal, Phoebe and I indulged in lots and lots of mussels accompanied by a lovely crisp glass of white wine <3

The leftover mussels (well not that we had too much leftover) will be taken out of their shells and then tossed with some curry, a splash of coconut cream and served with wild rice.


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