One Banana! Tonights Special treat

A month has gone by and we are still sticking to our healthier food lifestyle, yay for us right!

With that said for dinner tonight we had a tilapia filet cooked with lots of herbs, served with a few giant deliciously sweet shrimp and a sweet baked potato.


But the star of the night was dessert! Yes dessert, that sweet satisfying treat that makes it all worth while. That sweet treat that we crave and shouldn’t have, but guess what?

Today’s sweet treat consisted in just a banana! Yes, believe it or not, it was the perfect heavenly ending to a great day at work, followed by a productive workout and a great small tasty dinner 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 8.05.47 PM

I started by chopping up some bananas this morning, placing them in a handy dandy ziploc bag and into the freezer they went!


After dinner, I got my food processor out, put in the frozen banana pieces and whipped them up into a delicious banana ice-cream! Can you believe that, ice-cream out of just a banana, one ingredient, all natural, full of potassium and good for you! Imagine that 🙂


So to wrap it all up, our night was all about a single banana and no, no dirty jokes allowed! lol and next time you have bananas that are about to die, don’t toss them out, chop them up, freeze them and use them for ice-cream, add to a smoothie or bake some banana bread <3

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