Sunday Dinner becomes Thai Green Curry!

Well, having thoroughly enjoying our Sunday Dinner of roasted Lamb with Scalloped potatoes and Broccoli yesterday and having had some more for lunch, its now time to convert the left overs into tonights “NEW” dinner!


Started off by chopping up some onions, sautéing them with some green curry paste and some Kaffir Lime Leaves….


Then I poured in a can of Coconut Milk and let it simmer


whilst I chopped up the leftover lamb.


Added the lamb and broccoli to the simmering mixture, put on a lid, turned it to low and let it cook away. I know you are supposed to cook a good curry by starting with the raw meat so it absorbs all the flavors, but under the repurposing circumstances, this method is allowed and turns out pretty good if I may say so 🙂


In the meantime I prepared some Jasmine rice which I seasoned with salt of course and a touch of cloves.


Within 30 minutes of starting, dinner was nearly ready. Just letting it rest for a few minutes before I allow my little family to dig in <3

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