Kimchee Pork Fried Rice……

A very good friend posted a picture of something she was eating a few weeks ago! It looked so good and she made it sound like it was the best thing on earth, so of course I had to ask what it was and how it was made :-).

She kindly sent me the recipe that as a matter of honor I will not disclose but I put it into practice today and she was oh so right. It is to die for, well at least in my books! I was also missing a few ingredients which I substituted in Andy style.

Here are the basics of this dish which I would call, not your regular fried rice <3

Started by making some white rice and putting it to the side (kept it warm by wrapping in a tea towel).


Seasoned an cooked the minced pork, drained and put to the side.


Cooked some eggs and put them to the side too and then chopped some onions, cilantro and kimchee. I didn’t make the kimchee, I just bought it ready made :-).


In wok, I warmed up some oil and then quickly sautéed the onions till they were nicely golden. I then tossed in the rice, followed by the pork, cilantro, kimchee, few other flavors and finally added the eggs.


Tossed it all together and served it with a drizzle of sesame oil.


Thank you Mo for sharing such a delicious dish, Phoebe and myself thoroughly enjoyed it, will inflict it on the hubby and son later on today :-).

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