Norwegian Weekend!

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of visiting some good friends. The best part of the visit was not only the company and other guests, but the fabulous Norwegian Meal that was waiting for us when we got there!


The host, a retired Captain from Royal Caribbean had made a fabulous traditional Norwegian dish for us called Farikal (for us non Norwegians also known as lamb and cabbage)! This of course made my Norwegian hubby very happy πŸ™‚


This meal is a simple but very tasty stew with, you guessed right, lamb, cabbage and lots of black pepper!


Talk about yummy comforting food, and of course like every Norwegian dish, its served with potatoes <3


Then to make it even better, on the next day of our stay, another retired Captain and his wife joined us and we were presented with some yet again fabulous Gravlax, yet another Norwegian dish πŸ™‚


If you are not familiar with this dish, its the result of marinading a nice piece of salmon in salt, sugar, black pepper, dill and aquavit or brandy. You let it rest in the fridge for a minimum of 3 days and then just slice it thin and dip in some Mustard sauce and here you have another piece of heaven!

So as you can tell, I had a great dose of Norwegian fabulous food and company πŸ™‚

Huge thank you to the hosts for a wonderful weekend and to the guests for such good company!





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