The Perfect Brunch……

My honey gets subjected to a lot of dry-dock meals, so whenever he comes home from one of these trips I like to spoil him with something different.

Today with the nice cool temperature in South Florida it was the perfect day for the perfect brunch.

I little while ago I saw a posting on Facebook of this Mother’s Day Brunch idea and I decided to put it to the test and will call it “Hubby’s Special Brunch” instead <3

I kind of followed the directions, which were as follows:

Cook as many slices of bacon as servings that you intend to make. Make sure your bacon is kind of floppy as it will crisp up more in the oven.

Grab your muffin or cupcake pan and spray or smear some butter into each holder.

While the bacon is cooking, make as many slices of toast as servings. When toast is ready cut out little rounds to fit the bottom of the holders ( I used a wine glass that happened to be the right size).

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.43.45 PM

Place a round of toast into each holder, when bacon is ready place in holder going all the way around. Fill with 1/8 cup of shredded cheese of choice, I used a Mexican blend mixed with some chopped green onions.


Then crack and egg into each holder and sprinkle with salt and pepper.


Bake in at 400 Deg F oven for about 12 minutes for a nice runny yolk or 15 minutes if you like your yolk cooked through.

Run a knife around each one and gently remove from the holder.


Serve immediately and enjoy, it for sure got the hubby’s seal of approval! 🙂


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