Southern Hospitality in full swing….

I had the pleasure of doing a fabulous road trip from Arizona to Northern Florida with my  good friend Maureen. One of our stops took us into this small little town in Louisiana called Sulphur.

We drove into this place after having driven across the entire state of Texas so the need for a rest and a good hot meal was imminent!

Nothing like a quick chat with the locals to find out what the best place for a good meal is that does NOT involve fast food! 🙂

The recommendation took us to this empty restaurant called Hollier’s Cajun Kitchen. I say empty because other than the staff there wasn’t a soul to be seen. We did debate about going elsewhere and glad we didn’t! First thing we asked when we walked in was “Are you still open”?


Immediately the entire staff pulled us in and said, as long as we are in the establishment, we must be served and served we were!

We had everyone’s attention, got offered the option of the buffet or food of the menu and got chatting with one of the waitresses who was full of history, stories about the town, about the owner and everything you might want or need to know!

We ordered the Seafood Gumbo and I have to say, my first impression was, why am I getting what looks like dirty water? But one taste of it and the first impression flew straight out of the window.


Our dinner was just what we needed, comfort food, warmed up our tummies and had that lovely spicy kick.


This is what I call Southern Hospitality, they made sure we took our time, they never rushed us out, thanked us over and over for stopping by and were full of smiles <3

So, if you ever find yourself in Sulphur, Louisiana, stop by Hollier’s for a Southern Cajun meal!


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