Limoncello Trifle – Andy style of course

Trifle, this is a dessert I was brought up with, very traditional in England and my mother used to make it for a lot of her grown up events, by grown up events, I mean, it has alcohol so as kids we were only allowed a “taste” <3 .

A good friend Lucy Henderson sent me a message yesterday asking me for my mother’s recipe, which of course I forwarded to her but was then left with this mmmmm feeling (you foodies know what I mean), so I decided to make it for dessert for tonight’s dinner.

Well as life has it, I got to the supermarket and of course, could not find lady’s fingers which are the main ingredient for this dessert (some people use pound cake or sponge cake but I like it better with lady’s fingers). Anyway, for a second there talking with my daughter, I thought I might have to come up with plan B (no plan B in my head at the time of course 🙂 ! )

Then I saw these new Lemon Nilla Wafer cookies and it suddenly occurred to me that why not go out of the box and make a Limoncello Trifle instead! We are huge lemon lovers in our house so that would work out perfectly!


So below is a list of the regular ingredients and what I replaced them with:

  • Lady’s Fingers – used Lemon Nilla Wafers
  • Rum and coffee – used Pink Limoncello
  • Vanilla Pudding – used Lemon Pudding
  • Strawberry Jam – used Raspberry jam – decided that Lemon and Raspberry would be the perfect combination!
  • Whipping cream – oh look at that, this one is still the same! 🙂

So once you have the above ingredients, grab your favourite glass bowl or dish (I prefer glass so you can see the layers of goodness ).


I started by pouring about 1/4 cup of Limoncello at the bottom of my dish, then made sandwiches with the Lemon Nilla Wafers and the Raspberry jam, and when I had enough to cover the bottom of the dish, I put them in so they can absorb the Limoncello.


Then I covered them all with a layer of the Lemon Pudding and repeated the process again, this time just dipping the sandwiches lightly in the Limoncello as I could not pour it straight into the dish anymore 🙂


Once this is done, grab your whipping cream (1 pint), whip it up nicely with 1/4 cup of sugar (of course you can use Ready Whip but I prefer freshly whipped cream) and top it off with a very thin layer, just to cover it nicely but not too thick, don’t want too much whipping cream.


And now for the final touch, get a piping bag and pretty piping tip and decorate it to your heart’s content. If you are going to skip this step, then you can make your top layer of cream a bit thicker.IMG_0896

Place in the fridge for a couple of hours and enjoy! Hope you like my variation to this traditional dessert and I will tell you how it turned out after dinner tonight!


Special thank you to my daughter Phoebe who always ends up being my partner in crime when we experiment with food <3 !


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