Pav Bhaji

Indian food is one of my top favourite dishes and trying new stuff is as exciting as it gets, especially during this COVID19 time when you’ve been stuck at home way too long!

So found this recipe by Tarla Dalal, for which I am adding the link below as I have yet not tweaked Andy style as yet, so it’s only right that I give credit to the author of this fabulous recipe.

Also found this great store for those who live in Broward County where I got the very much needed Bhaji Pav Masala (which you can also make yourself but a lot easier to buy the spices ready mixed). – Patel Brothers.


  • I don’t own a pressure cooker so just boiled the carrots, cauliflower and peas the regular way.
  • Capsicum = Green Peppers 🙂

Below are a few images of my step by step, what I found is that for this type of cooking, you need to have all your ingredients nicely lined up before you start so then it’s just a nice and easy to follow the flow…

Hope you like it a much as I did and now all I need is for some of my great Indian friends to give it a thumbs up for me, hopefully sometime soon, when things get back to normal I can make a batch and take it into the office for vetting purposes!

Dinner time is just an hour away, so all that is left is to add some nicely chopped onions and lemon wedges, warm the bread nicely and its dipping time!!!!!!






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