Pio Nono Relleno like my mama makes it…

A good memory of home is something we call a Pio Nono. We buy them frozen and they are very thin rolls of a heavenly slightly sweet very thin sponge cake that can then be filled with savory or sweet wonderful things.

A staple in my house made by my mama was the Pio Nono stuffed with Tuna, Hearts of Palm and sweet corn, mixed with a bit of mayo and spices, covered with a little bit of more mayo and decorated with green and red peppers.

A very special person (mama Gaye) asked that for her little birthday celebration I make her what we now call, my special Rolly Polly! Slight technical hitch, there was nowhere near the house where I could get hold of this frozen life saving rolled sponge cake!

In preparation for tonights dinner, last night I decided to make it myself, not that its a difficult thing, but it has a tendency to stick and crack easily (well that’s just me)!

The experiment was a success and by bedtime last night I had myself a Pio Nono ready to be filled out tonight!



This evening as soon as I got home, I mixed the tuna, sweet corn and chopped hearts of palm, seasoned them with pepper, paprika, chopped chives, little mayo and a squirt of ketchup. Gave it a little taste for flavour approval and then spread it evenly on my Pio Nono!



Then I gently rolled it up……


And all that is left to do is add a few finished touches, a little mayo all over, some chopped chives and red peppers and a little fresh dill for the final decorating touch! 🙂


This is all that was needed to make one very special person happy ❤



Spaghetti 3 ways…..

Today we celebrated the hubby’s birthday. Yes it is Memorial day, but a working day for moi, so I opted for an easy menu that I could prepare in advance.

Spaghetti was the star for the night, so all I had to do when I got back from work was boil the water, add some salt and toss the past in!


Turned on the oven and tossed in 2 bags of these fabulous Marketside Savory Garlic Knots that cook in 9 minutes and are just perfect to go with the pasta!


For the sauces I made 3 different kinds, this way everyone could either have a bit of everything, or just stick to their favorite! Oh please note I made the sauces yesterday so all I had today was heat them up!

  1. Basil Mint Pesto SauceDSC02239
  2. Alfredo Sauce51492-Alfredo-Sauce-Photo-Shot1-1436x1000
  3. Minced meat and argentinian chorizo in vodka sauceDSC02351

So all in all, it took me 30 minutes to put dinner together, then popped open a bottle of fantastic wine that I purchased at Jerome Winery in Arizona whilst visiting my BFF last winter! And dinner was served 🙂


Had a fantastic evening with family and family friends and my favorite part being the after dinner table was filled with jokes, giggles, lots of laughter and love ❤ and a little bit of Cold Stone’s Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake.