A little taste of the holidays…..

A couple of days ago I baked way too many mini sweet potatoes so I found myself with quite a few of them leftover.

You all know my rule by now, nothing gets tossed out and every food item has various purposes in life.

With that said, I took the leftover baby sweet potatoes and sliced them into semi thick slices.


Sweet potatoes always make me think of the holidays and seeing that there is such a thing as Christmas in July, I decided, holiday theme it is…..

Grabbed some brown sugar and cinnamon and gave each piece a nice dusting of both, warmed them up in the oven and finished them of under the broiler.


And there we have, a little taste of the holidays, perfect bite for Christmas in July! Now all we need to do is to cool the weather down a bit here in South Florida to make it perfect!


Zapallitos Rellenos Andy Style and Beef Wontons

Zapallitos rellenos is something that I used to love having when I lived in Uruguay. My mum used to make them quite often and of course I have those moments of missing them.


Over here in Florida we don’t have the same style of Zapallitos (baby pumpkins), but we do have Courgettes (Zuchinnis) that have the same flavor, just a different shape.


So out came the Courgettes, sliced them in half and hollowed them out. Sautéed some onions with the stuff I took out of the courgettes, added salt and pepper, minced meat and then I added a big dollop of Spicy Tomato sauce.


Stuffed the courgettes and then topped them off with some garlic bread crumbs and some parmesan cheese.


Into a 385 Deg F oven they went for about 40 minutes and then put them under the broiler for just 5 minutes.

Now lunch and dinner is ready for tomorrow.


I found myself with some leftover meat concoction and decided to put it into my Wonton Wrappers and quickly deep fried them for a wonderful late afternoon lunch snack dipped in some spicy Sriracha Mayo 🙂


The Wonderful Butternut Squash……..

Its time to take a step back and revisit life and food as I know it! This is the start of the new me! lol, that sounds kind of funny right?

Anyway, after a total vegetarian day ( this was not on purpose, just happened and please note I come from cow country), I came back from my first go at an Orangetheory Fitness gym and have to say that I think I am dying!

Of course I realized that I have nothing for lunch tomorrow, so into the kitchen a go, energy or not!


Found one of my favorite veggies hiding in the back of the fridge, a lovely Butternut Squash!

Gave it a quick passing with my handy dandy peeler, cubed it and placed it in a roasting pan. Added some chunky sliced onions, some whole garlic cloves, some leftover baby sweet peppers and 2 lovely jalapeños from the yard.


A little drizzle of sesame oil, a dusting of salt, black pepper and into the oven they went for a slow nice roasting until they are totally caramelized……


So there you have it, that didn’t take much of my non existent energy, I will now have a delicious lunch and tomorrow night I will transform the leftovers (that is if there are any left) into a creamy butternut squash soup 🙂


Once again, 2 meals out of one ingredient! Don’t you love it ❤