Family Evening Soirée…

Today was the first time we had a family dinner, with everyone present, eating at the same time and in the same place for a long long time…..

Family time is so precious and hard to come by in this busy hectic world, that its a nice feeling when we all manage to get together. So with that said and although I ‘m still not feeling myself after my surgery, I still found some strength to put together a tasty meal and a little sweet treat which we enjoyed whilst chatting , having a drink and catching up!


I started by preparing the little sweet treat which was inspired by 2 lovely huge pomegranates that were sitting on the counter without a purpose. I cut them open, took the lovely juicy seeds out and put them to the side.


Then I melted some milk chocolate (preferred over dark chocolate in our home) and then put to good use my handy dandy Pampered Chef herb gadget, which obviously was not used to store/freeze herbs 🙂

I filled 1/3 of each cavity with the melted milk chocolate, then spooned in some pomegranate seeds and then topped it off with more melted chocolate and into the fridge they went.

I still had some chocolate and pomegranate seeds left, so I mixed them up and plop them on some wax paper into clusters and they also went straight into the fridge.

Then I pulled out some lovely skirt steak, seasoned it well and let it rest a bit before it went onto the grill.


I did mention that I am still recovering from surgery, which is my excuse of using a few ready prepared sides to stop me from standing too long in the kitchen.

I had been to Trader Joe’s and found some frozen Asparagus Risotto which turned out to be pretty good but next time I need to doctor it with a little extra salt, some black pepper and maybe a dash of cayenne pepper and fresh parmesan cheese to give it a little umpf if you know what I mean.


I also bought at Trader Joe’s a Greek Spinach Spanakopita tart which again wasn’t too bad but I have to say that I prefer my home made Pascualina which is a Uruguayan version of the Greek Spinach Pie. No feta cheese is used in the Uruguayan one but its so much tastier, or so I think of course…..

Evening was greatly relaxing, ate, drank, chatted and caught up with Mama Gaye whilst also enjoying the company of by busy teenage kids and hubby, oh and let me not forget the cats that of course made sure we knew they were there ❤


After dinner we got to enjoy the lovely sweet treats that ended up being a big hit so they for sure will be part of future menus…..


Simply Steak…..not!

Due to circumstances out of my control, we have been eating out a lot lately but I am glad to report that I am back in my happy place “The Kitchen”!

Tonights dinner had no excitement and you probably know me by now……


Had some lovely steak and not much else going on. So I decided that Brochettes would be a tad more exciting than plain ole steak.


I pulled out some handy dandy skewers, an onion and a green pepper. Chopped the steak, onions and green peppers to equal sized pieces and onto the skewer they went!


Then I seasoned them well with a tad of salt, lots of black pepper and into my George Foreman Grill they went.


In the meantime I cooked a cup of jasmine rice with a fresh handful of german thyme from the yard and a few garlic cloves.


Also on the side just to wrap it all up I made some garlic butter to drizzle on the steak for an extra punch :-).

My son and I are now ready to dig into our deliciously tasting brochettes, served on  thyme and garlic rice with a little drizzle of garlic butter ❤