Cooking with Love…..

So you want to make a meal for your loved one and don’t think you can make it look special like they do at your favorite restaurant? Or maybe just tired of going out and would love to just cozy up on the couch with a good meal and a glass of wine.

Below is something that looks great and is easy to make! Follow me for more ideas and send me a message if you need help! Foody Andy to the Rescue!

The most important part of your dish is taste of course, but something you always need to remember is people tend to eat through their eyes, so presentation is a very important key element and not difficult to achieve if you just pay a little attention to detail!


Buy some chicken cutlets, or slice some chicken breasts into cutlets, I am very happy with my Publix brand ones. Pound them down a bit to thin them out  so they cook quickly and evenly! Remember you don’t want raw chicken.

Next either use your leftover sausage stuffing (yes leftovers are allowed for special meals too). Of make some quick stove top stuffing of choice – I use Stove Top Chicken or Pork for those emergency moments and it works great!

Then add some of your favorite sausage meat to the stuffing(I prefer spanish chorizo) but remember its all up to what you and your date like the most, so don’t be scared, go with your instinct.

Stuff your chicken, roll it and hold it together with a toothpick.

Now you have 2 options, breaded or unbreaded. If you go for unbreaded skip the next step.

Breaded – Get 2 eggs, beat them up a bit, add salt and pepper, but not too much as the stuffing will already give the chicken all it needs and dip your chicken parcels in it.  Once dipped transfer them into a dish with breadcrumbs of choice (Panko crumbs work great for an extra crunch).

And finally cook in the oven at 375 deg for about 20 minutes. Make sure you check one to ensure they are fully cooked (no pink to be seen) before you take them out.

Let them sit for a bit, slice them and serve on a bed of mashed potatoes, rice, steamed veggies, salad or the side of choice.



  • For extra crunch you can quickly panfry them before putting them in the oven
  • You can make the same dish with beef or pork
  • Vegetarian option – use eggplant instead of meat and stuff with mushrooms, veggies, and cheese mixture or us Veggie stuffing.


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