Did someone say game time…..?

Having lived in the USA for over 17 yrs I can still not bring myself to like the all American sport of “American Football”. So whilst everyone is busy watching “The Game”, I am busy making “Game Food” in the kitchen!


My daughter Phoebe and her boyfriend brought me so lovely huge avocados last week and they ripened just in time for todays game. It’s Guacamole time!!!!!

Out came some limes, lemons, garlic, onions (ooops out of cilantro), chilies, cayenne powder, salt and pepper. As you can tell my Guacamole is based on my test buds, this is what I like so this is what I season it with!


After mashing it gently (don’t want to over puree it) and adding all my seasonings, it was time for some tasting……


Happy Football sunday everyone! Oh and very important note if you are going to be chopping fresh chilies like I did and don’t use gloves in the kitchen, don’t, just don’t rub your eyes after handling the chilies “like I did”! lol


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