Packed lunches are not just for school……



Tired of the eating out during lunch or living off sandwiches? Well making a tasty healthy salad is not that difficult and all you need is one of your kids old lunch boxes and an ice pack to keep stuff cold.

So here is an example of something than can be made for lunch, you can replace the back rice with white rice, use left over steak chopped up small, cold cuts, etc. There are endless possibilities……

I had a left over chicken breast yesterday which I chopped up into bite sizes and then put into a ziploc bag with some lime juice, cilantro, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper and a drizzle of sesame oil.


Today I gave it a quick cook in a pan until it was nicely glazed and of course fully cooked.


I made a cup of black rice which I  allowed to cool down, then I added the chicken to it, along with some chopped tomatoes, a little bit more cilantro (yes I do love that stuff) and a squirt of lime juice. Then its a matter of tasting and deciding if I need a little more salt and pepper, etc.


The Black Rice has a lovely nutty flavor to it, as well as being better for you than white rice.


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