Savory Cupcakes for lunch……

When one thinks of cupcakes, one immediately thinks of something sweet and rich……..but it doesn’t have to be ­čÖé

I just made some delicious Cornbread cupcakes,


Some spicy Chili con Carne and…..


Some creamy mashed potatoes……


Then I made a hole in each cornbread cupcake and filled it with Chili con Carne….


and then topped it off with some mashed potatoes, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and some chopped parsley!


And there you have it, savory cupcakes for lunch……


India, America, Uruguay & Norway on the table

Tonight for dinner we have an International theme of some sort going on.

INDIA – I made a Chicken Korma upon request.


USA – Followed by some cornbread bake (today I used the Honey Cornbread by┬á┬áKrusteaz) and to it I added a can of cream of corn and 1/4 cup of brown sugar and just baked as directed.


URUGUAY – I made some Rice Pudding for dessert, which I debated between Uruguayan and Norwegian version and opted for the first to at least keep the calorie count a tad lower! lol


NORWAY – And finally for the Norwegian touch, I made some Strawberry Sauce to go with the Rice Pudding.


So we are all set, Walking Dead is on tonight so getting ready to settle in with a nice glass of vino……cheers!