Dying Tomatoes can still have a purpose…

Dinner time, just like everyday! Extra tired and uninspired I made my way to the kitchen. We hadn’t had pasta in a while but wondering what I could serve it with. I usually keep back up sauces in jars but thought my family deserved something fresher and more natural.


Luck of the draw has it that at the back of the fridge was a bag with vine ripened tomatoes, I got all excited and then noticed the poor things had seen better days! After a thorough analysis I concluded that they still hadn’t reached that “rotten stage” but were more on the “too soft stage of life”, so there is still hope!


Out came my food processor, I ran outside and pulled a big bunch of basil and a nice helping of thyme and oregano and ran back in surrounded with these lovely aromatic herbs!


I placed the mushy tomatoes and herbs into the food processor and let them become a bigger mush!

I chopped a small onion and a couple of garlic cloves and sautéed them with a drizzle of olive oil till it was nice and tender and then I added my mush to it. Added some salt and pepper to taste, a nice squeeze of Sriracha Chili sauce and my lovely freshly made homemade “Fiery Tomato Sauce” was on its way!


The lovely aroma coming from the pan is hard to describe, but just take my word, it was to die for…….:-)

I let it all simmer for a bit and when nearly all the liquid from the tomatoes had evaporated I added a little bit of cream and presto!


By then I had cooked some bow ties al dente, dished the pasta out and topped it with a healthy helping of my “fiery tomato sauce”.

So there you go, even dying tomatoes can be repurposed in a flash!

Leftovers Repurposing Time…….

Busy baking night and its time to make something for dinner in the midst of it all!


Fridge finds consisted of:

  • 1 leftover breaded chicken cutlet from last night
  • 2 leftover helpings of last nights rice
  • 1 jalapeño pepper
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • bunch of green onions (out of onions, that is soooo not right)
  • 1 lamb steak
  • 1 box of Pearled Couscous – Basil and Herb flavored
  • Fresh Rosemary

There wasn’t enough of anything to make enough for 2 of us (rest of the family not in tonight)!

So here is what I ended up with:


Chopped up the Jalapeño Pepper, Garlic, Green Onions and Chicken cutlet, sautéed them lightly in a pan with a tad of olive oil, and then in went the rice!



Made the Couscous, chopped up the lamb steak, some garlic and rosemary and sautéed it in the pan previously used for the above. Once done, served it on the bed of Couscous…..plus a lovely dollop of mint jelly!


Now back to baking………..and guess what, the weekend is nearly here!!!!!


Its just another Manic Monday…….and its time for dinner :-)

Yes I know, Monday’s are horrible, you get up after the weekend is over needing more rest than you did when Friday came around…..

But the fact is that life still goes on, we get up in the morning, get ready for work, make breakfast, do packed lunches, take kids to school, drive to work in icky traffic, work all day and then back to the kids and time to cook dinner!

As tired as I am, I still find a lot of joy and relaxation whilst making dinner. Its my alone time in the kitchen and the results of what comes out makes everyone happy! What is there not to like about that right?

Tonight I made one of my hubby’s favorite proteins paired with one of my favorite veggies.

Poached salmon with herbs, butter and garlic served on a bed of mashed cauliflower.


  • Get a pan and fill half way with water and place in oven AT 385 DEG F
  • Place your salmon on some aluminum foil, enough foil to make it into a tight package.
  • Season salmon to taste, I seasoned it with salt, pepper, freshly crushed garlic, butter, lemon juice and thyme
  • Seal package tightly and place in pan with water
  • Cook for 20 minutes, then open package to vent and cook for an extra 10 minutes.




  • Boil cauliflower in water seasoned with salt and garlic powder
  • Once its soft, drain water and place in food processor
  • Add a tsp of butter, handful of cilantro or parsley, clove of garlic, salt and pepper and  blend away till nicely mushed!


And voila, in 30 minutes you have a delicious nutritional meal, make the family happy and have plenty of time to tackle the evening chores!!!!!


Comfort food with a healthier twist

It’s Wednesday aka “Hump Day” and time to think about dinner. I am not up to par today but I still have to feed the family right? This is the kind of day when comfort food comes into play.

I am making something I grew up with which my son happens to love. “Milanesa de Pollo”, which is also known as Chicken Milanese, or Breaded Chicken. It’s simply Chicken fillets, dipped in flour, then in an egg, milk, seasoning mix and then finally dipped in bread crumbs. For a crunchier texture I sometimes like using Panko bread crumbs.

After the fillets are breaded they are fried in a shallow pan in some vegetable oil.

In order to avoid the frying calories, I bake the chicken in the oven, an although you can’t replace the nice crunch from fried food, these oven baked Milanesas come out very good.


Now for the side dish, once again down at home you get the Milanesas con fritas (with french fries). But, we are avoiding fried foods and going for potatoes with a twist. Sweet potatoes are also great for this recipe.

Garlic Smashed Potatoes.


  • Boil New Potatoes under tender
  • Smash them with a heavy object but be a bit delicate as you want them to keep their shape
  • Brush with olive oil
  • Season with Salt, Pepper
  • Chop some fresh garlic and season potatoes (can also use Powdered Garlic instead)
  • Sprinkle some Oregano and fresh Thyme (or use your favorite herbs)
  • Finish off with a dusting of Parmesan cheese


Bake in a 450 Deg preheated oven for aprox 20 minutes for a delicious crispy on the outside and soft on the inside potato treat.


Last minute late evening meals…….

Kids will be stopping by after 9pm on their way back from college classes, so decided I should have a hearty meal ready for them, you know teens, always huge appetites.


Found a package of Argentinian Chorizo in the fridge, which immediately made me think of Sausage and Onions! Cooked up some Jasmine Rice with some lovely aromatic herbs and dinner is now ready for 2 hungry teens!