Gravlax – For Salmon lovers

Salmon is by far my favourite fish, and the more I have it, the less cooked I want it :-). In my books, there is nothing worse than an overcooked dry piece of salmon, then again, that is just my taste.

But my most favourite way to eat salmon, other than Sashimi/Sushi style, is to make it the Norwegian way!

Gravlax is so simple to make, super tasty, perfect snack, appetizer and the best part, it keeps for quite a while.


Here is how I made mine today:

  • 1 1/2 lbs of salmon (you can ask them to remove the skin, will make it easier when slicing, but I prefer to make it with the skin on)
  • 1/4 cup of sugar
  • 1/4 cup of salt
  • 2 tbs of black pepper
  • 1/8 cup of brandy or aquavit (used brandy today)
  • Bunch of fresh dill


The best way to keep this easy and non messy is to grab a gallon ziploc bag, put in the salmon, sprinkle in the sugar, salt, black pepper and then add the brandy or aquavit. Then grab a handful of dill and place it on top. Close the bag carefully letting as much air out as possible and then give the bag a gentle massage to get it all mixed up.

Place on flat surface in fridge for 3 days, and everyday, give it a little love, slight massage and turn it over.

slicing gravlax

Yes you need to be patient, but 3 days just fly by and then this fabulous treat is ready to eat! Serve it on its own, on crackers with some sour cream and a touch of caviar, or simply with Mustard sauce (you can find various recipes on the internet), we usually skip the mustard sauce :-).

Enjoy and hope you like it as much as I do ❤


The History behind the infamous “Flan”

I grew up in Montevideo, Uruguay in lovely South America! During my youth one of my favorite desserts was “Flan con Dulce de Leche” and to me it was one of our best traditional Uruguayan desserts.


Surprise surprise when I found out that this wonderful treat is actually a traditional dessert for a lot of places!


Some people call it  Creme Caramel, it is also similar to the Spanish Natilla or Custart Tarts (which I suspect is where ours came from).


Now the Norwegians also have their own version which happens to be just like the one we make at home, they tend to make is usually for the Christmas holiday season and call it Karemellpudding!


A lot of countries in north and Central America make a flan that is a lot heavier than what I am used to, more like a heavy custard. The one from home is nice and light and not too sweet and because its not too sweet, you can pair it perfectly with some Dulce de Leche or some lovely Chantilly Cream.


Anyway, being that its Easter in hot and humid south Florida, I thought a light flan would be the perfect Easter Dessert.

All recipes are similar so follow any of the above links and enjoy!

Braised Lamb……Mashed Rutabaga……It’s Family Time!

Dinner time at the Lundini’s can be very exciting. Tonight turned out to be a special  kind of night, its not everyday that we all mange to sit down and eat around the table at the same time!


Today I prepared some Lamb Shanks braised for 3 hrs in port wine, mint, rosemary and garlic, with a side of Mashed Rutabaga (Swede), Parsnip Fries and of course we can’t forget the Mushy Peas. Of course these kind of dinners can only happen when you take a few days off, otherwise we would be eating at 11pm!

One of my hubby’s favorite dinners is a Norwegian dish called Pinnekjøtt which is lamb ribs and its usually eaten during Christmas time with Rutabaga (Swede), Potatoes, Beer and Aquavit! So it was kind of a special dinner to have as a family as it reminded us all of that special time of the year!

I quickly seared the shanks prior to them going into their bath of yumminess!


Then took them out and added the port wine, herbs and garlic and let it reduce a bit, prior to putting the shanks back in, topped it with water to cover them and let them bubble away for 3 hours!



Once time was up, I removed the shanks and let them rest, removed the garlic and reduced the juice for a final lovely rich gravy to go with the Rutabaga Mash!

Whilst the lamb was cooking I made the Rutabaga Mash, made the Parsnip fries and warmed up the Mushy Peas.

Dinner is served, or should I say dinner is gone, hours of dedicated cooking and its all gone in a flash! Pleased to say that the family approved and enjoying it inmensly!

That is the biggest satisfaction, making everyone happy with my food!