Daddy Memories – Butter Bean salad

As a little girl, I vividly remember my dad preparing what I think was his favourite salad, which in turn became my all time favourite of course!

So today I decided not only to re-live that memory, but to take it to another level in honor of  the great guy that he was, ❤ and I am sure that instead of being insulted by the changes, he would be proud of his little girl.

The original salad was very simple, below is a list of the ingredients:butterbeans

  • Butter Beans
  • Sliced Tomatoes
  • Thinly sliced onions
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Olive oil and vinegar
  • Dusting of oregano

As you can see, it’s pretty simple, just mix the above ingredients and it’ oh sooooo tasty, and the best part was dipping  pieces of a fresh baguette into the leftover juices!


In those days there was no fancy vinegar, no cilantro and goodness know’s what else, especially in Uruguay.

But nowadays, with the available ingredients, new flavours, fancy vinegars, etc…. I decided to take this salad to the next level.


Not too many changes, just a few additions, so here it goes………

  • Butter Beans – stayed the same I used 2 cans
  • Sliced Tomatoes – stayed the same, used 2 medium tomatoes
  • Thinly sliced onions – stayed the same, used 1/2 medium onion
  • Salt and Pepper – stayed the same, tsp of each
  • Olive oil and vinegar – used olive oil but replaced the vinegar with same fabulous Lemongrass Mint infused White Balsamic vinegar from Mount Dora Olive Oil Company
  • Dusting of oreganoreplaced this with some chopped cilantro
  • Added a can of sliced Hearts of Palm that are easily available nowadays but when I was a kid they were an expensive commodity!

Hope you enjoy this salad as much as I do, and I do recommend that you try both versions, they are both great 🙂


The Wonderful Butternut Squash……..

Its time to take a step back and revisit life and food as I know it! This is the start of the new me! lol, that sounds kind of funny right?

Anyway, after a total vegetarian day ( this was not on purpose, just happened and please note I come from cow country), I came back from my first go at an Orangetheory Fitness gym and have to say that I think I am dying!

Of course I realized that I have nothing for lunch tomorrow, so into the kitchen a go, energy or not!


Found one of my favorite veggies hiding in the back of the fridge, a lovely Butternut Squash!

Gave it a quick passing with my handy dandy peeler, cubed it and placed it in a roasting pan. Added some chunky sliced onions, some whole garlic cloves, some leftover baby sweet peppers and 2 lovely jalapeños from the yard.


A little drizzle of sesame oil, a dusting of salt, black pepper and into the oven they went for a slow nice roasting until they are totally caramelized……


So there you have it, that didn’t take much of my non existent energy, I will now have a delicious lunch and tomorrow night I will transform the leftovers (that is if there are any left) into a creamy butternut squash soup 🙂


Once again, 2 meals out of one ingredient! Don’t you love it ❤

Veggie Pizza a la Andy

My honey is finally back from his business trip and I was in the mood for lots of veggies tonight.


Yeah yeah I know, no home made pizza dough today, bad bad girl, instead I used a can of Pillsbury Thin Crust Pizza dough.


Chopped some yellow and red onions, as well as some sweet baby peppers and some garlic and cooked them till they were nicely caramelized.


Once the above concoction was ready I put it to the side and paid attention to my dough. Sprayed some olive oil on my pan, spread the dough out and brushed it all over with some pesto sauce.


Into a 400 Deg F oven it went for about 15 minutes, I like my pizza crust nice and crunchy!


Once it was ready I topped it with lots of fresh arugula, followed by the caramelized onions, peppers and garlic and topped it off with some crumbled goats cheese and cranberries.


The hubby is a ham and green pepper pizza kind of guy so I was surprised when not only did he agree to have this for dinner, but seemed to thoroughly enjoy it <3.

I love my honey! Now to enjoy his company and my veggie pizza 🙂


Simply Steak…..not!

Due to circumstances out of my control, we have been eating out a lot lately but I am glad to report that I am back in my happy place “The Kitchen”!

Tonights dinner had no excitement and you probably know me by now……


Had some lovely steak and not much else going on. So I decided that Brochettes would be a tad more exciting than plain ole steak.


I pulled out some handy dandy skewers, an onion and a green pepper. Chopped the steak, onions and green peppers to equal sized pieces and onto the skewer they went!


Then I seasoned them well with a tad of salt, lots of black pepper and into my George Foreman Grill they went.


In the meantime I cooked a cup of jasmine rice with a fresh handful of german thyme from the yard and a few garlic cloves.


Also on the side just to wrap it all up I made some garlic butter to drizzle on the steak for an extra punch :-).

My son and I are now ready to dig into our deliciously tasting brochettes, served on  thyme and garlic rice with a little drizzle of garlic butter ❤


Mussels makeover time……

After last nights dinner I was left with a few helpings of Mussels, so now its time for their makeover!

I made some rice and cooked it with the leftover stock from the mussels to give it that kind of paella flavor and some achiote to give it a nice yellow color..


While the rice was cooking I took each mussel off its shell and set them aside.


Then I sautéed some onions, garlic and once they were nice and golden I folded in the rice.


Tossed in a handful of chopped cilantro and the unshelled mussels!


Its turned out fingerlickingly delicious, guess I could call it a simple Paella, but who cares what we call it if it tastes good right?.

Walking Dead in Belgium……

Yes we are ‘The Walking Dead” fans and tonight is the season premier so very excited!

Kind of funny that on such a night when the aforementioned program is airing, I decided to make Steak Tartare for dinner which of course consists of seasoned raw minced meat :-). Guess my Belgium heritage was calling out for me…..

All three of us, the hubby, my daughter and I will be indulging on our favorite dish, whilst my son has regular steak with fries (yep he is not a fan) ❤


So we will be eating a traditional Belgium dish whilst watching the “Walking Dead”!

For my Steak Tartare I used:

  • Lean Minced Meat
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Tabasco Sauce
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Egg
  • Mayonnaise
  • Capers
  • Grated Onions
  • Chopped Cilantro
  • Salt and pepper

Once I mixed all of the above I just adjusted with salt and pepper for taste and ready to go.

In the meantime I had some Checkers seasoned fries in the oven which go just perfect with tonights dish.


Check my next posting to see what we had for dessert on our special TV night 🙂

Andy’s Greek Salad Wrap…..

Sweltering hot weather in South Florida calls for nice light, heathy, tasty and refreshing lunch that can be made in no time!

I went to Whole Foods this morning to buy a few special ingredients and got caught between the Cheese Section and the Olive Bar!


We all know what happens when the Kalamata Olives meet the Feta Cheese in your trolley! Yes, Greek Salad it is!

My fridge always has Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Onions so the rest of it was easy……


Chop up the Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Onions. A pet peeve I have is that in my salad everything has to be the perfect bite size and they all have to be slightly the same size! For this I have to thank a wonderful boss I had “Sally Cruickshank” whilst working in a Pub in London “The White Horse on Parsons Green“. She would always say, “Don’t be silly, nobody wants to have to cut their salad”!

Anyway, back to my salad…..

Tossed the tomatoes, cucumbers and onions in a bowl, added the cubed Feta Cheese, Calamata Olives, some chopped Cilantro, a nice drizzle of olive oil and vinegar, a squeeze of lime and salt and pepper to taste.


I crisped up a Low Carb Tortilla and then topped it with some of my lovely Greek Salad for a finger licking, deliciously refreshing Greek Salad wrap!